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Attend our jam-packed schedule of events both online and in-person. Our events break the mould of traditional conferences - in fact the “c” word is banned at YFood - we create dynamic, fun, engaging and relevant events focused on delivering real business value for the global Food Tech community. They are known for breaking trends, talent spotting and providing inspiration, introductions and opportunities. All of which is achievable and underpinned by the unmatched expertise, influence and knowledge in our community.


You can join educational workshops and other formats that allow you and your team to deep dive into hot topics, research, technologies and venture skills.

Designed to educate, empower practical steps and help you enhance your performance and impact in the food ecosystem. Hosted by experts, specialists and those with firsthand experience of going further ahead!

Small audience groups, worked examples, interactive exercises, feedback, toolkits and catch-up videos on anything you missed.


Watch on-demand content, as well as catch-up on the events that you missed out on.

Our content is topically organized into trends, technologies and curated collections allowing you to landscape themes, paint a future vision and deep dive into solutions and case-studies based on your business needs.


Connect with a curated community of like minded companies looking to shape the future of food through dedicated networking events and other opportunities.

Participate in 1-2-1 meetings with startups, brands, experts and investors.


We believe that by leveraging the power and expertise in our community, we can help develop impactful solutions to solve global food challenges in a commercial, replicable and scalable manner. We know it sounds corny, but it’s true, together we are stronger!

  • Join the most active and innovative startups, scaleups, industry players, investors, media and experts

  • Grow your Food Tech connections in line with your business goals

  • Stay ahead of the curve by gaining valuable insight on what the future of food looks like

  • Discover the latest trends, technologies, companies and experts shaping the future of food

  • Future-proof your business and create efficiencies in an ever evolving landscape

  • Find the solutions and partners to address business challenge and implement valuable change

  • Learn from those that have gone further ahead and contribute to peer to peer learning

  • Create real change by influencing and adding to a global Food Tech innovation agenda




With a growing movement towards conscious consumption and an even more visible presence of activism on social media - everyone has a voice and you can be sure we’re all regularly using them! Every generation is now looking to the brands and companies that they love to take positive action towards restoring balance - be it environmental, equality, responsibility, ownership or a fairer approach to reward versus contribution. Each and everyone one of us wants them to “EMPOWER: US” to actively play our role.

We all want to make better decisions and there’s nowhere more relevant or easy to do that than with food choices.

Ultimately, everyone can vote with their forks. However, which decision should I be making? There’s a lot of information out there that can be confusing or conflicting: Should I cut plastic waste out altogether? But will that increase my food waste? What’s worse: plastic waste or food waste? We’re ready to be empowered to make better decisions around our food choices; be it through more information, scoring matrices, helpful reminders or nudging us in the right direction with informed alternatives.

This theme will explore the consumer trends and identities giving weight to prioritising “EMPOWERING: US”; the technologies, innovations and new form digital communities allowing us to reduce waste, improve our carbon footprint, as well as inform, empower and even nudge us in the right direction.

Topics for the theme: Conscious consumption, plant-based identity, flexitarian, voting with our forks, demographic driven trends (Gen z & Millennials), food waste, packaging, measuring & reducing carbon footprint, inequality, sustainable and commercial, reducing waste naturally, analytics & insights, nudging technologies, empowering local produce, accessible-quality, community & hyperlocal, NFTs, DAOs and more.

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“We’ve shown over and over again that technology, innovation, education, collaboration and a highly engaged and active community are key to driving change in the food ecosystem.”


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